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I design each lesson I offer according to my students abilities and goals, and make the necessary changes once I become more familiar with their needs. Regardless of age or experience, my goal is always to inspire, motivate, and to have as much fun as possible! If you want to learn more about taking personal 1-on-1 lessons, email me HERE

Drum Lesson
Whether it's In-Person or Online

My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. I bring an advanced level of experience to the lessons and enable students to gain a solid understanding in a relaxed, pressure-free, judgement-free environment.

Drum Lessons


I started as a student of Ryan’s with no experience of the drums but a desire to explore my interest. Ryan was extremely supportive from our first session onwards and helped me understand all the parts of the drum kit and also supported me in understanding how to read music sheets. I really appreciated Ryan’s ability to pull in examples from music to demonstrate certain notes and bars. Ryan made sure to tailor his lessons to my pace of learning, practice and long-term goals, and he provided thorough feedback and homework (as requested) after each session so that I had everything I needed to improve my skills. He also made lessons as enjoyable as possible by understanding my favourite music and having me learn the drumming sections from my favourite songs! Lastly, Ryan is very approachable and I was always able to ask questions and receive informed and helpful answers. I would 100% recommend Ryan as a drumming instructor to kids, youth, and adults!

Melanie Reixach-Wong.jpeg

- Melanie W.


Ryan has been a fantastic drum teacher and role model for our 6yr old son Chase. He has been a student of Ryan’s for just over 2 years now and Chase gets excited for every lesson. It can be hard to focus his attention on practice or learning something new so Ryan incorporates his lessons based on what music or band Chase is into that week and they always have fun. Ryan’s dedication to education really shines though in his YouTube tutorials. It’s so nice to have a teacher that not only focuses on proper technique but also on how much fun it can be.

- Jenn C.

Ryan is a very patient teacher. He understands everyone learns at a different pace. He explains things well and makes sure you understand what he is teaching. For me the biggest inspiration is watching him demonstrate the lesson and hearing what it should sound like. GREAT TEACHER!

- Tony M. RIP

Tony McGavin.jpeg
Maria Marchand.jpeg

My son has been a student of Ryan’s for 4 years. Throughout that time he has learned how to play the drums and continues to learn through weekly lessons. Ryan is a great drummer, teacher and mentor. Working with him has given my son such confidence that got him performing on a stage at recitals. I am very grateful that my son has someone like Ryan in his life. He continuously motivates him to keep striving for limitless goals. Thanks Ryan for all that you do.

- Maria M.

My 8 yr old son has been taking drum lessons from Ryan for 2 yrs now. This is the first activity that my son has participated in where he did not lose interest over time. I truly believe that this is not solely because of his interest in drums but also due to Ryan’s teaching methods. Ryan is constantly challenging my son to improve on a weekly basis but at the same time continuing to make the learning fun and enjoyable. Ryan allows my son to explore his creative side and create his own rhythms. My son is constantly looking forward to his next lesson to see if he can “ get through the next page”. I would strongly recommend Ryan to anyone who’s looking for a drum instructor. He’s amazing at his craft, and has the teaching skills and patience to go with it.

Landon Mooy.jpeg

- Chris M.

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