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Live Session Work

Whether you need a drummer for a last minute gig, need a drummer who can run backing tracks in your set, or need a drummer for a cover gig of 30+ songs, don't sweat it! I'm your guy!

I have been playing live since the age of 16, toured across Canada and the US, and have worked with many acts including Goodnight Sunrise, Living Dead Girl, No King, The White Swan, Lungless, The Downcast, Emily Clair, The Good You's, and more! As well as played and toured in my own projects This Is Death Valley, Tulip, and Zen Cat. 

I take great pride in learning each bands set note for note, and make it feel as if your drummer was still right there behind you! If you have written music but no drummer, I'm happy to be there to showcase your bands talent in a professional manner. In the past 6 years of doing live session work, I've gained a lot of experience knowing what it means to be a team player. If your band wears particular outfits on stage, or has a certain "look", I'm happy to accommodate any way I can! 

If I sound like a right fit for your gig, send me an email and lets get talking about how I can help you!  

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Emily Clair

I hired Ryan for a New Years gig. He is an exceptional drummer, learned the material quickly and came prepared! I would certainly use Ryan again for any future gigs or projects. If you are looking for someone talented and all around professional, this is your guy!

- Emily Clair

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When our drummer had an emergency and couldn't make it to one of our shows, Ryan came to the rescue at the last minute!
   With only a few days notice, we scheduled one rehearsal before the night of the gig. Some of our songs get a little rhythmically complex, but Ryan had our whole set memorized without question. Looking back, we probably didn't even need the rehearsal, but it gave us a chance to go over the details and get to know each other.
   The show went off without a hitch. Ryan not only knew the parts inside and out, but put on a great performance.
   He's now our go-to backup drummer in case were ever in the situation again. Don't hesitate to hire him! He's as good of a hang as he is a drummer!

- Matt Rennie (The Downcast)

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Matt Rennie of The Downcast
Molly Rennick of Living Dead Girl

Ryan is the best drummer we’ve ever played with (and there’s been several!) He’s super professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and a killer drummer. He’s a super nice guy and his rates are unbeatable too. When we need a drummer he’s the first one we call!

- Molly Rennick (Living Dead Girl)

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Ryan was so professional and learned each song perfectly with such care. It was such an easy and seamless experience working with him.

- Mercedes Lander (The White Swan)

Check out The White Swan on Spotify  

Mercedes Lander of The White Swan

Photo Credit: Whitney South


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